If you’re looking to rent an RV or motorhome from Saunder’s RV Rentals, Inc., take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to better grasp what we are able to provide you. These questions are typically the ones that prospective RV renters have, so why not start there? If you have a question that isn’t on this list, contact us at (414) 438-0799 and we’ll be happy to assist you. With our years of service in the Milwaukee WI area, including the southeast Wisconsin community of Kenosha and northern IL’s Waukegan, we can provide you answers to all your questions, so let Saunder’s RV Rentals, Inc. solve your vacation woes by getting you behind the wheels of a motorhome rental today.


Q. How many people can ride in one of your RV rentals?

A. It ranges from four to nine people, depending on the number of seatbelts in the particular model and size of RV.

Q. Are pets allowed in the RV?

A. Small dogs are allowed, subject to a pet addendum form and a small fee.

Q. Do I need special training to drive an RV?

A. Yes, you do, but we provide the training and have you do a test drive before you leave with the RV rental to ensure you are comfortable handling the motorhome rental. We’ll also provide a list of Tips for driving a motor home rented from Saunder’s RV Rentals, Inc.

Q. Can anyone rent an RV?

A. You must be 25 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license.

Q. What is the procedure when I pick up the RV?

A. Using a prepared checklist, Saunder’s RV Rentals, Inc. will do a thorough review of the operation of the motor home (both inside and outside the coach) with the person whose name appears on the Rental Contract, as well as 1 or 2 other travelers who are part of the planned rental. In additional to the “Tips for driving memo", two additional memos (“For your safety” and “Acknowledgement of terms”) are required reading and will be signed and witnessed as part of the checkout procedures. Copies are maintained in the coach for future reference.

Q. Is there a minimum timeframe the RV can be rented?

A. There is a 3 day minimum when renting an RV or motorhome.

Q. Are the RVs winterized?

A. When the RV is picked up in the winter months, it will be winterized with antifreeze. You will not be able to use the bathroom or have fresh water until you arrive in a climate that is above freezing; upon arriving in such a climate, you can then flush the antifreeze and use the plumbing. Certain precautions are required and can be discussed in more detail when you come pick up your RV.

Q. Can something be towed behind the RV?

A. Towing must be approved by SRV in advance.

Q. How do I reserve an RV?

A. A confirmed reservation and coach assignment will be made upon submitting a $500.00 reservation deposit and delivery of a fully completed, signed, dated, and approved Reservation Request Form. The $500.00 Reservation Deposit is fully refundable provided a written request to cancel is received by Saunders RV Rentals, Inc. 30 days or more prior to the departure date.